Marathon man forced to suspend 401 day challenge

Ben Smith taking a selfie with runners in Aberdeen Credit: Ben Smith

A runner attempting to run 401 marathons in 401 consecutive days around the UK has suspended his challenge after suffering a serious back injury.

Ben Smith from Bristol had run all the way to Aberdeen, covering more than 7,400 miles, when he was forced to stop and undergo treatment.

The 34 year-old set of last September, and had completed 284 consecutive marathons. After stopping on Friday he says he's determined to get on the road as soon a possible after an intense course of physiotherapy.

Watch Ben's video diary below, where he explains his injury:

Ben hopes to start running again in ten days time and will up his daily milage by 2.5 miles to ensure he finishes his 401 challenge in 401 days.

The 401 Challenge has taken two and a half years to plan and aims to raise awareness of issues around bullying. Ben was bullied himself, at boarding school, and suffered so badly that he had a nervous breakdown at 18 and tried to commit suicide.

The project has already raised more than £85,000 for charity.