Eau de odour - would you wear a perfume made from the world's smelliest flower?

Would you wear this perfume? Credit: Eden Project

The Eden Project has announced it's making a unique new fragrance made from the world's smelliest flower.

The Titan Arum, which is also known as the corpse flower, has a powerful scent which has been compared to a dead rat, a ripe camembert, and rotting fish. Now, it's essence has been extracted and bottled for the first time.

Eau de Titan is being marketed for men and is designed to take the world of designed fragrances in a "bold, completely new direction".

The perfume is designed to draw attention to the rare plant and will be tried out on visitors to the Eden Project to see whether its incomparable whiff has mass-market appeal.

The gas given off smells like a rotting corpse Credit: ITV News

A spokesperson for the Eden Project said they they have gone "where no perfumer has gone before" by created a scent from something as pungent as the corpse flower.

Would you take the challenge and wear the most heady fragrance imaginable?

Watch the advert here: