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Rare 1920s taxi goes under the hammer - and it has an explosive past

It's expected to fetch £25,000 Photo: Richard Edmonds Auctions

A rare taxi from 1928 is being auctioned off in Chippenham.

The Morris model G is the last of its kind. It once belonged to a Wiltshire farmer who had used it as an improvised tractor - where he'd packed it with enough high explosives to bring down a large building.

In order to increase the taxi’s weight so that could gain traction in the muddy fields, the farmer had filled it with what he thought were empty military shell casings.

When the new owner got the vehicle home, he had to make a hasty call to the bomb disposal unit.

It's since been spruced up Credit: Richard Edmonds Auctions

It's now clear of explosives and is expected to fetch around £25 thousand pounds.