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Paramedics raise thousands for colleague's life-saving cancer treatment

A Bristol paramedic from Newton Abbot who was given three months to live is hoping to get potentially life-saving cancer treatment.

Kathryn Osmond needed to find £70,000 for the treatment, which isn't available on the NHS. But her friends and colleagues managed to raise it in a matter of weeks.

There was a 98% chance that the cancer would not come back - but it did. Credit: ITV News

It began with a mole on her leg - skin cancer - malignant melanoma. Kath Osmond has been a paramedic for 16 years.

She went to the doctor to have the mole removed but later found the cancer had spread to her bones, lungs and lymphatic system.

Credit: ITV News

There is nothing else the NHS can offer but privately there's another treatment, called TILS which offers some hope but it costs £70,000 at least.

The sort of amount that would be hard to raise, unless you're a popular paramedic with a legion in green who will do just about anything to help find the money.

Credit: Runningman4Kath

And in just a few weeks of fundraising, they've pretty much done it with their crazy dance moves from paramedics from all over the West County doing their bit.

It's going to be a challenging few months ahead and a hard journey, I think, but, fingers crossed, in November, you know, that journey will be over and I'll be well and enjoying life again.

– Kathryn Osmond, Paramedic
Credit: ITV News

Kathryn's big hope is for her future is to respond well to the treatment.

The hope is that I get a full response and we could be sitting talking in November and I would be disease free.

That would be the hope, you know, and everything's gone smoothly but it's a daunting process, perhaps more daunting for me because two of my family have unfortunately passed away going through similar processes.

– Kathryn Osmond, Paramedic