Top five favourites from Wiltshire astronaut Tim Peake's journey in space

British astronaut Tim Peake, is preparing to return home. Credit: PA

Wiltshire astronaut Tim Peake, is preparing to return home after a triumphant six months in space which saw him take part in more than 250 experiments, perform a spacewalk, run the London Marathon on a treadmill, and receive an honour from the Queen.

We've been looking back at some of his best moments from his time in space. What's been your favourite memory?


Major Peake gets chased by a gorilla in space

It is not every day that you get chased by a gorilla in space. But that is exactly what happened to the Wiltshire astronaut on the International Space Station.


Tim brushes his teeth in space

Kids: brush your teeth, even astronauts need to keep their teeth clean Credit: ITV News

Cheering on England Rugby in his rugby shirt

Come on the Three Lions! Tim look to Instagram to post this snap. Credit: @astro_timpeake

Suit and tie ready for the Brit awards

Tim Peake takes Brit Awards to new heights with surprise appearance. Credit: @astro_timpeake

Major Tim Peake made a surprise appearance at the Brit music awards when he appeared live via the International Space Station to 'present' an award to Adele.


Tim Peake cooks up a scrambled eggs storm!

Shows us how to cook scrambled eggs in space.. Credit: @astrotimpeake

He may be 400km away from home, but that didn't stop the former pilot from enjoying a proper english breakfast at the ISS.