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Severe traffic problems at Elton John concert in Exeter

Some fans heading to see Sir Elton John in Exeter last night were left disappointed after getting stuck in traffic for up to four hours.

Traffic gridlocked Exeter as fans tried to head to the concert Credit: Harvey Platter

Some abandoned their cars and walked to Westpoint. Others gave up getting to the concert in time to see the star, who delayed the start of the show by 10 minutes.

Westpoint says customers wanting refunds need to contact the box office they purchased the tickets through

Credit: Harvey Platter

There was traffic chaos at the Clyst St Mary Roundabout at 6.30pm as motorists tried to get to the concert.

I left my home in Torquay at 4.10 and turned off at the junction for the venue at 7.45!

It was bumper to bumper and in all that time one police car passed us. Elton delayed his performance by 10 minutes but that didn't help many of us. We had to give up and come home because we realised that if we did reached Westpoint, parked and found our allocated seats we MIGHT get to hear the last 30 minutes. The management at Westpoint need to take full responsibility for the shambolic chaos that tonight bought. They knew how many tickets had been sold and how many pre booked car spaces were booked so what went wrong?

We went to see Rod Stewart in Plymouth a fortnight ago and had no problems whatsoever and 20,000 people attended that concert. My friend and I were given tonights tickets as Christmas presents from our children and they too are extremely disappointed that we didn't get there.

– Trish Hutchison
Traffic was gridlocked for hours before, during and after the concert Credit: Harvey Platter

When the company was inundated with requests for refunds from unhappy revellers, they had this to say:

Devon and Cornwall Police say the issue was due to the fact they were not told that the concert time had been moved forward.

Some gave up and abandoned their cars in favour of walking to the venue Credit: Harvey Platter

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We had a fantastic time at the concert, we got there at 15:00 when the car parks opened and we found the roads clear.

People know it's probably going to be busy, traffic wise, we've had our tickets for over a year so the concert hasn't just been put on, people should plan and leave earlier!

– Sue Apsey