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Chancellor at carpet firm on the EU campaign trail

George Osborne at Axminster Carpets where they have made an "IN" sign out of equipment Credit: ITV News

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has been in East Devon on a final push to urge people to back staying in the EU.

George Osborne visited the world-famous carpet factory at Axminster. The company is a major supporter of the Remain campaign - the Managing Director Dave Knight - is among 1,280 business leaders who have signed a letter in support of staying in the EU to retain trade connections.

The firm, which employs more than 100 workers, also sees remaining in the EU as the only way to secure jobs and business growth.

“Businesses and their employees benefit massively from being able to trade inside the world’s largest single market without barriers. As business people, we always look to the future - and a future inside the EU is where we see more opportunities for investment, growth and new jobs”

– Extract from letter signed by Axminster Carpets MD

This was the Chancellor's message:

Well I hope voters in the South West think very carefully about how they vote tomorrow.

It's probably going to be the most important vote they cast in their life. Yes I want them to think about all the positive benefits of being in the EU so a company like Axminster Carpets can sell their products into Europe but I also want them to think of the risks if we leave and why do we want to walk through that one way door and there's no way back.

– George Osborne, Chancellor, Remain
George Osborne is shown one of the looms at the carpet factory Credit: ITV News

The Chancellor was given a grand tour of the factory and also tried his hand at carpet making.

The visit concluded with the Chancellor posing in front of a makeshift IN campaign sign made of carpet-making equipment.

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In contrast the Devon-based Chairman of UKIP, Steve Crowther, is putting his faith in ordinary people to vote Leave tomorrow, 23 June.

He's hoping his argument that the West Country can retain more of its young people to work here if migrant labour was limited will chime with undecided voters.

"Well there's always a Status Quo factor isn't there? Particularly in decisions like this people say - well you know can I really take the risk, can I really take the risk of changing what we're doing and what I'm saying?

What I've been saying to some of the people here today is that the risk is on both sides. There are some momentous things happening in the European Union at the moment it's extraordinarily unstable.

– Steve Crowther, UKIP, Leave
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