Glasto 2016: Six weeks in the making

Credit: ITV News

Tents galore, stalls scattered across the site and an abundance of wellies and tents. Looking around the site its hard to believe that its is a working farm.

But Kylie's came to Worthy Farm six weeks ago when the grass was still green, and there were no tents in site.

Six weeks ago, the picture was very different. Credit: ITV News

On her visit on the 10th May, it was rainy but the grass was green. Here are a few before and afters to enjoy and capture the transformation process.


The Park Tower can be seen in the background. Credit: ITV News

Flash forward to the 23rd June and is it raining?> Surprisingly not!

No rain, and Kylie even has her sunglasses on. Credit: ITV News

But as you can see, where there was once plenty of grass, now it's just a lot of mud. There's now the Park Tower (fully constructed) in the background.

People are the top of the Park Tower enjoying the view.


But how do you navigate your way round? >People are always getting lost but if there's one thing that you can spot for sure, its the old railway line.

It stands out as the only straight road in the whole site.

The 'Glade Crossroads'. Credit: ITV News

But fast forward to now, it's difficult to know if you're in the same place.

Credit: ITV News


Rewind to 6 weeks ago, even the Pyramid Stage hadn't been fully built yet.

Credit: ITV News
A David Bowie tribute above the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival, at Worthy Farm in Somerset. Credit: PA


And here's the old Oak Tree, that's a real meeting point for people who're at the festival.

The oak tree in the colder season, looking a little bare boned. Credit: ITV News

What a difference six weeks makes. Here's the same old oak tree covered in green leaves.

Here's the same tree standing tall.

So the stage is set and the crowds are filing in, ready for the music to begin.

Credit: ITV News

Watch Kylie's Before v After report here: