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Counting starts following the EU Referendum

Credit: PA

Counting has started across the region following the biggest vote of our generation. After all the campaigning, voters have now made their choice on whether Britain should leave or stay in the European Union.

A ballot paper for the EU referendum Credit: PA

Voting in the EU Referendum closed at 10pm and ballot papers are now being counted overnight by individual local authorities.

We have 18 local areas in the West - here's a list of them and when they expect to declare their referendum results.

  • Bath & North East Somerset - 6am
  • Bristol - 6am
  • Cheltenham - 3:30am
  • Cotswold - 5:30am
  • Forest of Dean - 3:30am
  • Gloucester - 4am
  • Mendip - 4am
  • North Somerset - 6:30am
  • Sedgemoor - 3am
  • South Gloucestershire - 5am
  • South Somerset - 3:30am
  • Stroud - 4am
  • Swindon - 1am
  • Taunton Deane - 3:30am
  • Tewkesbury - 4:30am
  • West Dorset - 4am
  • West Somerset - 3am
  • Wiltshire - 4:30am

The final result is expected between 8am and 10am tomorrow morning, Friday 24 June.

Polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm tonight Credit: PA

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