There was never much doubt that the South West - the vast EU region stretching all the way from Gloucestershire to the Isles of Scilly - would deliver a Leave vote.

There's been a longstanding Eurosceptic tradition in the region, particularly the further west you go.

But what really stood out was the margin of Leave successes, which in a contest of this nature helped swell the national total.

Whereas in the General Election UKIP got four million votes but only one seat - because its support was too widely spread - here, every voted counted.

Remain did however do well in Bristol and Bath, also taking Stroud (where the local Tory MP is a leading Remainer), Cheltenham, Cotswold and Mendip.

But in the bellweather contest in Swindon - where the town's two Tory MPs fought on opposite sides - Leave won by a whopping 10,000 votes.

It's clear that many voters simply did not believe the dire warnings on the Remain side, and that visits by David Cameron, Sir John Major and George Osborne made little difference.

Boris Johnson was the dominant figure in the campaign, and his early decision to back Brexit was crucial.

The Union Jack won't be flying at Brussels for much longer Credit: ITV West Country

The region that supposedly "won" a majority for David Cameron at the General Election last year has now helped to push him out of office.