Resigned Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy 'shocked and depressed' by accounts of racial abuse after Brexit vote

Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy - who resigned from Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet yesterday - has said she is "shocked and depressed" by accounts of racial abuse after the country's Brexit vote.

The now former Shadow Environment Secretary urged her constituents to report any incidents in Bristol to the police and also re-tweeted a picture of flowers being offered to immigrants in the spirit of peace.

Ms. McCarthy was one of dozens of Labour ministers to resign in the last 24 hours in protest at the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn - who will face a vote of no-confidence at a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party tonight.

Kerry McCarthy resigned from the shadow cabinet yesterday afternoon citing the need for a new Labour leader to "take on the challenges ahead" after Brexit.

In her resignation letter she described the result of the EU Referendum as "a huge disappointment".