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Three Lions play football in support of three lions ahead of England v. Iceland

Simba the lion is one of three lions getting into the spirit of the Euros at Longleat. Credit: Longleat Safari Park

Three lions have been getting into the England spirit ahead of tonight's Euro 2016 encounter with Iceland by playing their own game of football.

Male lions Simba and Klaus and female Nyota demonstrated some enthusiastic, if not entirely successful, dribbling skills as they grappled with a trio of footballs at Longleat Safari Park.

Klaus may have a German-sounding name but we're assured he's English through and through. Credit: Longleat Safari Park

And there's one particularly good omen for England as they look to progress in the tournament...the lions were first brought to Longleat back in 1966 - the year the Three Lions won the world cup.

Keepers at the Wiltshire attraction are hoping their 2016 version of the Three Lions will help England win the UEFA European Championships.

The three lions take on Iceland tonight in Nice. Credit: Longleat Safari Park

Longleat’s Ian Turner said:

"They were clearly extremely keen to show their interest and passion for the great game."

"Unfortunately this enthusiasm did rather get the better of them and they ended up puncturing every one of the footballs in the space of a few minutes." "Hopefully the team will be able to keep hold of the ball a bit longer and look after ot a bit better on Monday night."

– Ian Turner, Longleat
Unsurprisingly the game of football ended up with a few punctured balls. Credit: Longleat Safari Park