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Hundreds call for solidarity with Europe after Brexit

Some of the crowd calling for Britons to stand together with Europe, despite the referendum Credit: ITV News

Around a hundred people gathered in Exeter to call for solidarity after the UK voted to leave the European Union. The demonstration in Bedford Square was organised over social media in just 24 hours.

The majority of voters in the city voted to remain in the EU and the demonstration coincided with others in like-minded cities like Bristol, Manchester and London.

The demonstrators urged Britons to stand together with Europe, whatever the referendum result.

Juan Garcia Brecedo speaks to the protesters in Bedford Square Credit: ITV News

Juan Garcia Brecedo, a Spanish lecturer at the University of Exeter, who organised the event, says part of the problem is the uncertainty following the Brexit vote.

At the moment we don't know what's going to happen. We know that there will be many discussions between the UK Government, next Prime Minister and the EU but at the moment we don't yet.

It's this absence of what's going to happen that's making us feel a little bit nervous.

I think it's good that the public gets together to discuss the issue and to be able to reach some conclusions.

– Juan Garcia Brecedo, Organiser

This gathering is still at its early stages and the organiser hopes that, by coming together, those interested will find a way forward in the post-referendum world.

Pro-Europe demonstration in Bedford Square, Exeter Credit: ITV News

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