Work on one of the West Country's worst bottlenecks has reached a major milestone.

With the road closed, the cranes in place, and as the sun sets over Bodmin Moor, workers begin the delicate process of swinging the 35 tonne steel beam into place.

It's part of a bridge for local traffic to cross the A30 at Temple Tor as this notorious bottleneck becomes a dual carriageway.

It's hoped the work will improve safety on the road - where there are several accident blackspots.

Nick Reed, Highways England

Highways England are providing most of the £56 million cost of the project, Cornwall Council are putting in £10million to help end the dire delays.

We've estimated it's going to save the economy about £130 million per year based on the wasted time and traffic disruption. But we think there may be wider benefits to the economy of Cornwall as well.

Steve Wood, Cornwall Council

The single carriageway section is a notorious blackspot, and reducing accidents is among the benefits - but improving the road means disruption in the short term.

Contractors say they are doing everything they can to minimise it - but there'll be further night-time closures and lengthy diversions as the bridges are completed.

Jamie Bee, Project manager

Although swinging the span into place has gone perfectly tonight, there's still a vast amount of work to do.