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Hundreds protest government's decision to delay pension age

Hundreds of women have gathered at Westminster to protest the government's decision to delay the age they can take their state pension.

They're unhappy at the lack of consultation and the fact they've not been given the chance to make alternative plans for their retirement.

They believed they would be retiring at 60, but they've now been told they have to work until they're 66.

Dee Ross, campaigner

If you're a woman born on or after April 1951 - the age you can claim your state pension has gone up.

The changes have been made - at the speed they have - because of the sharp increase in our life expectancies.

But many say they were unaware.

I was told a year before, 2012, that my pension age was now 65, what could I do then - nothing.

– Chris Wood, WASPI

The Department for Work and Pensions, unsurprisingly disputes this.

Age Jennie King was hoping to retire.

Jennie says she only heard of the changes in the media.

It's been on the news for quite a few years now but I would say it only properly sunk in abut five years ago when a friend of mine was going to receive her pension at 60 and then I realised that I wasn't going to receive mine until I was 65 and now the goal posts have changed again.

It's going to be 66 for me - and I've still got 6 years to go so hopefully fingers crossed it'll still be 66 when I get to 66.

– Jennie King



But for many women, this really isn't something they can laugh about - for many born in the fifties, they've worked hard all their lives - without the benefits of equal pay - and now they say they're being penalised again.