A Bodmin man has made a heartfelt plea for everyone to sign up as an organ donor after his sight was saved by pioneering surgery.

Four-years-ago Trevor Holten was told he had an incurable disease which would leave him blind.

He was diagnosed with Fuch's Syndrome.

Specialists at Plymouth's Derriford Hospital told him a cornea transplant could restore his sight and end the pain.

After two years on the waiting list his sight has now been restored after doctors cut away at the affected tissue and replaced it with healthy corneas from organ donors.

He now has perfect vision in the eye done two years ago, and is hopeful of similar results now his right eye has also been done.

Trevor will be able to return to his job as a delivery driver, and his wife Sue can carry on her job at a local supermarket.

But Fuch's Syndrome may yet come back to haunt the family.

Because it's hereditary it's concerning for the four boys in the future because they're young adults now. But we've had a silver lining. We've had a donor and we've had a transplant and things are going so well.

Sue Holten

The Holtens want a system where people have to opt-out of being organ donors instead of our present system of having to register.

For someone to offer me the gift of sight, it's been life changing. A person I never knew has given me that gift of sight.

Trevor Holten

But, Trevor's story may not be all that common, Marion Jones, an NHS Transplant Services nurse, says there is a desperate need for more donors.

Trevor now wants to know his sons will have the chance of cornea transplants if he has passed Fuchs Syndrome on to them and is urging everyone to sign up to be an organ donor.