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Hate crime more than doubles since Brexit

Incidents of hate crime have more than doubled ever since the UK voted to leave the EU.

The rise in numbers has prompted Avon & Somerset police force to write an open letter following the Leave Vote in the EU Referendum.

PCC Sue Mountstevens and Chief Constable Andy Marsh. Credit: ITV News

The letter written by Avon and Somerset's Police Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens and Chief Constable Andy Marsh is in response to the subsequent rise in hate crime in the region.

In the last week this has increased from an average of four incidents a day to 10 incidents.

Incidents a day in the Avon and Somerset Force area last week
Incidents a day in the Avon and Somerset Force area up until last week

Putting the public's mind at rest, the force reiterates that they are 'doing everything [they] can to keep [the public] safe'.

Their message is clear, that 'there can never be any excuse for hate crime in any shape or form and this criminality will not be tolerated'.

They also say the rise in the number of hate crime incidents is 'troublesome'

We have been dismayed at the stories of hate crime victimisation and racial or anti-immigrant abuse reported in the media. Whatever your thoughts on the result, we hope you find the injustice and devastating effects of this as abhorrent as we do.

Nationally there has been a rise in the number of hate crime incidents to the national online reporting site, and we have seen a troublesome increase across Avon and Somerset too.

Since the Referendum our police officers and staff have been reviewing the crime reports coming in to us with even greater scrutiny than before, and we have seen the numbers increase to an average of ten incidents per day in the last week compared to four.

– Avon and Somerset

Meanwhile, in Bristol shopkeepers have been handing out flowers to welcome migrants living and working in the city - a friendly thoughtful gesture in the face of hate.

A Bristol shop handed out flowers to immigrants after the national Brexit decision Credit: @BristolBestof