Striking teachers take part in mass march in Bristol

Thousands of teachers from across the South West have marched through Bristol City Centre in protest at what they say is the underfunding of our education system.

The NUT, which organised the demonstration, are particularly angry at the Government's backing for academies which they feel is putting money in business rather than furthering children's education.

Teachers are on strike and, while parents may be disrupted because their children have to stay off school, the union says the future of children's education is more important.

We know that the general public support us. We know that they are seeing in their schools changes that have had to come about because of the cuts and the redirecting of public money which should be going to teaching children. What's happening is, particularly with the academies, that the money's going into the pockets of business.

Lisa Middle, Bristol NUT

Here are some of the images from today's march in Bristol

Credit: ITV News
Credit: ITV News
Credit: ITV News
This chap clearly has a big reason to demonstrate Credit: ITV News

Schools minister Nick Gibb has revealed that "seven out of eight schools are refusing to close" despite the teachers' strike.

The industrial action by the NUT is pointless but it is far from inconsequential - it disrupts children's education, it inconveniences parents and it damages the profession's reputation in the eyes of the public.

Schools minister Nick Gibb MP