Inspired by the cosmic adventures of Wiltshire astronaut Tim Peake, Aardman's loveable orange character, Morph, is making his own journey into Space today (6 July).

The orange character looked relaxed before his trip. Credit: @AmazingMorph

The character took off into space in a high altitude balloon and has been launched from Ross-on-Wye in Herofordshire.

The 'flight' of Aardman's loveable orange Morph is being livestreamed on his social media channels for all to enjoy.

Good luck messages filled social media.

Dave Akerman, mission controller for Morph's journey into space, is photographed filling the balloon that will safely transport Morph to and from Earth.

Credit: @AmazingMorph

The rig that Morph will sit in on his space trip as built and tested by an Aardman top tech team including company co-founder David Sproxton who was there to wave Morph off.

Credit: @AmazingMorph

He took off at around midday in the sunshine and will return back to Earth later in the day after taking a turn around the stratosphere.

You can track the Aardman character's journey using the hashtag #MorphInSpace.>FUN FACTS

10, 9, 8,'s time for lift-off. Credit: @AmazingMorph

Watch the take off here: