There's a buzz among aircraft enthusiasts this year at the International air tattoo at RAF Fairford.

The new all-purpose fighter jet, the F35 Lightning is putting in an appearance at the air show in Gloucestershire - it was due to appear two years ago but had to pull out due to technical problems.

It is said to be the most sophisticated fighter jet ever built. Its stealth technology means it can creep up behind an enemy plane with less chance of being spotted on radar.

Each one costs at least £100 million. Britain is buying 138 of them from the United States.

The F35 Lightning is making its debut at RAF Fairford International Air Tattoo. We've been for a sneak preview of what thousands of aviation fans can see.

They won't, sadly get as close as we did. Our cameras were allowed to film the F35s as they were refuelled in mid air.

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Even the pilots are in awe of it.

It's really just amazing, it's really hard to describe, if you can imagine a nine G aircraft - pulling nine times the forces of gravity - plus going supersonic. And I can do all that, it is just an amazing experience, then you add in all the systems, the bells and whistles that the aircraft has, it really is an indescribable feeling.

Maj Will Andreotta, USAF F35 Pilot
The pilot said flying the F35 is an amazing experience Credit: ITV News

15% of the F35 is made in the UK, involving up to 500 companies. Some are in the west, including GKN aerospace at Filton which is producing some of its structural parts from titanium.

The jet's manufacturer, Lockheed Martin says that relationship is vital and won't change because of Brexit.

Also making an appearance at the air show are the Red Arrows. They flew in to Fairford today - with air cadets as passengers.