Lynx search: Staff and police have 'humane capture plan'

Police are continuing to assist Dartmoor Zoological Park staff in the search for a two year old male Carpathian lynx which escaped from its enclosure overnight between 6 and 7 July.

Devon and Cornwall Police used its two drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras overnight to assist with the search until low fog covered the area at around 3am on 8 July.

WHAT IS A LYNX?The lynx is a wild cat approximately the size of a Labrador. The animal should not be approached as it could be dangerous if alarmed or cornered.>WHERE COULD HE BE?The lynx is believed to be on farm land outside the boundary of the park following a sighting by a member of park staff.

Staff have searched the zoo and are continuing to do so and will soon be conducting a wider search of the area. Credit: Dartmoor Zoo

Park staff set 25 humane traps baited with meat in the area, and if these have not captured the lynx the intention today is to make a human cordon of staff and police officers and move the lynx back towards the park.

A vet is also at the scene with a tranquiliser dart gun if required.