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Major roadworks may force Bodmin businesses to close

Some businesses in Bodmin are warning they may have no option but to close when major roadworks start in September 2016.

Dennison Road, Church Square and Turf Street will be shut for nine months - as work to create Cornwall's first cycling townbegins. But traders say it could have devastating effects.

Credit: Cornwall Council

Martin Stoddern has been selling white goods here at his shop in Bodmin for more than 40 years. He relies on passing traffic for trade and says he's deeply worried about the planned road closures.

I'm completely devastated - I don't want to lose my business, I've worked up to what I've got now from nothing. For Cornwall Council not to help us out and keep businesses afloat - its completely upsetting to me.

We get thousands of cars go past everyday so they pop in and pick up a fridge washing machine, and we are not going to get that.

– Martin Stoddern, business owner

The roads being closed off is the main route in and out of Bodmin, and are normally quite busy. Its all part of Cornwall Council's plans to turn Bodmin into the South West's number one cycling town.

Credit: ITV News

The Council say it's a small price to pay.

The whole point of this is to make a thriving town centre and enable all our businesses to survive. I think this will be good for the town and businesses think it would be good for the town but we've got to enable them to survive and get there.

Credit: Cornwall Council

But with 9 months of roadworks ahead - traders are getting anxious. Balu Madhvani owns a jewellery shop.

He says the consequences could be dire if the council don't help out.

A public exhibition is taking place at the Shire House so residents and traders can get a closer look at the scheme - but like it or lump it - roadworks are scheduled to start on September 9th.