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Missing lynx is very close to Dartmoor Zoo

Fulviu the missing lynx had only just arrived at Dartmoor Zoo when he escaped Credit: Dartmoor Zoo

The Chief Executive Officer of Dartmoor Zoo - who came to fame in the Hollywood movie "We Bought a Zoo" starring Matt Damon - says they've had some rather strange sightings of the young lynx that has been on the run since Wednesday night, 6 July.

Someone said they saw him in Saltash.

Someone even phoned up in tears saying they thought they had run him over on the A38 and we reassured them that it was very unlikely that that was the case.

We had a positive sighting yesterday very, very close by which is great because he was only on the site for a couple of hours. He doesn't feel that it's home yet but he's drawn to be back here because he's captive bred and he doesn't hunt. He just gets food from people and he knows there are people here who will feed him..

– Benjamin Mee, Dartmoor Zoo

The wild cat is believed to be on farm land outside the boundary of the park following a sighting by a member of park staff.

Police have used drones in the hunt for the lynx, which has now been scaled down since they know roughly where he is.

Watch their footage here:

In the first 32 seconds it shows a single white thermal signature on farmland near the park. This was used to back up the location of the lynx as staff from the park were able to match it with marks on the ground and the behaviour of the animal.

  • If you spot the lynx, do not approach him but dial 999 quoting log 252 of 7 July 2016
Credit: Dartmoor Zoo

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