Thousands join Black Lives Matter march in Bristol

Thousands march from the Malcolm X Centre to College Green

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Bristol to take part in a 'Black Lives Matter' march.

The action is in response to events in the United States where protestors have been expressing their anger at the number of fatal police shootings of black men.

Tension in the debate around race and policing has increased following the killing of five police officers in Dallas.

Ngaio Anyia is one of those behind the march in Bristol. She says issue of racism - and the deaths in the US - are not simply a problem for America, or the UK, but for the whole world.

Campaigners walked from the Malcolm X Community Centre to College Green. A similar march took place in London this afternoon and there are likely to be more marches elsewhere in the months to come.

Banners being prepared ahead of the march