Meet the West Country's very own Forrest Gump

Credit: ITV News

A man from Gloucester who is being celebrated as the West's answer to Forrest Gump has completed a 5000 mile run around the British Coast.>Wayne Russell took on the challenge in the memory of his sister who died last year and to raise money to help families in need of urgent medical treatment not available on the NHS.>Here's the moment he finished the 10 month, 200 marathon challenge:

His sister, Podsmead 'community hero' Carmel Webb, died at the age of 35 on New Year’s Eve 2013, after a 10 year long battle with a rare heart condition. >Regardless of her terminal illness, Carmel dedicated her life to charity - and now Wayne wants to do the same.

Wayne's run has raised more than £27,000 for the city's own Superhero Foundation charity, which helps ordinary people do extraordinary things to help others.

Kylie & Ian spoke to Wayne earlier, he describes the motivational drive his sister's memory has given him.