Bristol MP under attack from Corbyn supporters

Hundreds of Labour supporters are rallying behind a Bristol MP because of her refusal to continue to back Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader. >Bristol West MP Thangam Debbonaire, who recently stepped down from Jeremy Corbyn's front bench, explained her reasons for doing so at her constituency's AGM last week.>Ms Debonnaire had previously outlined her reasons for stepping down following the Brexit vote, but faced various calls on social media for her to resign.

A petition to get Ms Debbonaire to resign has been signed by nearly 700 people, but to avoid the limelight the Bristol West MP has avoided social media since June.

Speaking on camera for the first time since the meeting, she tells ITV West Country about the torrent of foul language she and other members of the meeting witnessed.

Supporters on social media have expressed their own views, some of whom were at the meeting.