Exeter MP says Theresa May has 'no democratic mandate'

Credit: PA

Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw has accused Brexit campaigners of a 'constitutional outrage' in Parliament today. >The Labour MP got worked up over whether there should be a vote on triggering Article 50 (the EU exit mechanism).>In response to leading Brexiteer and recent Tory leadership challenger, Liam Fox's savage attack on those MPs who have called for Parliament to be given the final say on whether or not to trigger Article 50 - Mr Bradshaw hit back and said the decision to begin divorce proceedings must not be taken by a new Prime Minister with 'no mandate'.

Is it not the case that referendums are advisory and that this Parliament is sovereign? Isn't it a constitutional outrage and a supreme irony that those people over there who based their argument for Brexit on Parliamentary sovereignty now want to deny this House a vote and suggest that an unelected prime minister, unelected with no mandate, agrees to such a fundamental decision for this country? It's a disgrace and they must not be allowed to get away with it.

ben bradshaw mp

In response, Cabinet Office minister John Penrose said Mr Bradshaw 'may be right on strict constitutional legalities, but I'm afraid that democratically you are fundamentally wrong'.