Truro Cathedral gets 'rubbish' makeover that's dividing opinion

Credit: ITV News

Now, what do you get if you screw up 30,000 sheets of paper - pile them into a mountainous heap, and put them on display in one of our most historic buildings.

A new art installation at Truro Cathedral is splitting opinion in the city with some thinking the grand building has become a dumping ground, while others are moved by Imran Qureshi's 'After which I am no more I, and you are no more you' display.

Credit: ITV News

The artwork comprises 30,000 sheets of paper, which only reveals its true nature as you get closer.

The sheets are printed with photographs of a vast floor painting Imran created in front of the Aga Khan Museum of Islamic Art in Toronto.

The piece, depicted green foliage in the form of motifs from a miniature painting. In this work Imran has brought the garden previously created, into the cathedral space in another form – transforming one work into another.

This piece symbolises creation from destruction. Credit: ITV News
Credit: ITV News

For the past few years, he has been creating installations like this in public places all over the world, including Lahore, Berlin, Rome, Dubai, Michigan, Birmingham, Aalborg, Antwerp, Paris and now in Truro Cathedral.

But this piece is quite different from his previous installations, especially in the use of the green colour palette.

Watch a time-lapse of the installation that's divided opinion: