Has the West lost a champion in Cameron's departure?

David Cameron waves outside 10 Downing Street before leaving for Buckingham Palace to formally resign as Prime Minister. Credit: PA

David Cameron left Number 10 today bringing his 6 year premiership to an end. >During that time he made a lasting impact on the political landscape here in the West - we look back at his time in office.

As Theresa May becomes the new PM, West Country business leaders and local politicians say they want transport links to the South West to remain a priority under her leadership.>Anxiety about the resilience of the main railway links to the region were dramatically raised after storms destroyed the line at Dawlish in 2014. >As Prime Minister he made a number of visits to the main rail line after it famously fell into the sea and left much of the West Country cut off from the rest of the rail network.

The millions of pounds to repair were found promptly but now under Theresa May will the line get millions more here to improve its resilience.

It's not just Theresa May coming in it's the whole political climate that's changed basically so the economy is likely to be taking a knock so if we've got money for big projects then all well and good and this is a very important one.

Cllr Howard Almond, former mayor dawlish county council
Credit: ITV News

While there have been headlines that the new Prime Minister will end austerity and expensive schemes like the dualing of the A303 won't be in doubt, Theresa May is still planning spending cuts but is more likely to increase borrowing. >The scheme backed by Cameron which will include a tunnel under Stonehenge is due to begin in 2020 to provide a more fit for purpose alternative route to the region along with the M5.

Politicians say they want transport links to the South West to remain a priority. Credit: ITV News

It's also hoped plans to widen the A303 in Somerset will still go ahead. The road scheme, which will take up to 14 years to complete, was announced by the Government in December.

We desperately need that route and the A303 in places it's fantastic, it's very high standard but in places it's very little more than a country lane that's just been progressively widened. If we're going to grow our economy and thrive in the way that we all want it to for our sake and for UK PLC we desperately need that strategic route.

Cllr David Hall, heart of the South wEST LEP
David Cameron chatting with Ian Axton during one of his many visits to the West. Credit: ITV News

The government has also given strong support for a third nuclear reactor at Hinkley and Theresa May will be hoping owners EDF show greater clarity - and urgency - with 25,000 West Country jobs depending on it.

Credit: ITV News

Theresa May was due to have been in East Devon on Friday night for a drinks reception but she may now have other plans.

New Prime Minister Theresa May and her husband Philip John outside 10 Downing Street. Credit: PA