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Simon Pegg urges PM to think 'What would Kirk do?'

Simon Pegg poses for photographers at the premiere for the latest in the new Star Trek franchise Credit: PA

Star Trek actor and writer Simon Pegg urged Theresa May to consider "What would Kirk do?" when she takes over as prime minister.

Pegg, who is from Brockworth in Gloucestershire, said he hopes Mrs May follows the example of the Captain of the starship Enterprise after she moves into 10 Downing Street.

Simon Pegg - Scotty - gets a kiss from Chris Pine - Captain Kirk - as the cast pose for pictures on the White Carpet in London Credit: PA

Arriving at the UK premiere of Star Trek Beyond, which he co-wrote, Pegg, who plays Scotty urged:

Lead for the people, don't forget anybody. Don't just protect the people who are well off, look after everybody. There are a lot of people in this country who need to be looked after, who are so often forgotten.

Ask yourself 'what would Kirk do?' Theresa.

– Simon Pegg, Actor and co-writer 'Star Trek Beyond'
Simon Pegg suited and booted for the 'Star Trek Beyond' premiere in Leicester Square Credit: PA

Simon Pegg said the film, which sees the crew of the USS Enterprise face a new and ruthless enemy, has messages that could benefit the British people following the vote to leave the European Union. Namely that we are better together.

Pegg - who went to the University of Bristol - embarked on a new mission with 'Star Trek Beyond', the third in the rebooted franchise and 13th Star Trek Movie. He co-wrote the script with Doug Jung. In this clip he told ITV News about the fun they had while writing and how much of a privilege it was.

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Star Trek Beyond is released in UK cinemas on 22 July.