Weather blog: Look to the skies!

By Kate Haskell>I know we really want clear blue skies in July but the recent cloudier weather has given the opportunity for some rather interesting cloud formations.

It has also led to one particular new cloud formation which is in the process of being named, Asperitas (ass-pair-it-ass).>This particular photograph looks as if this is an example of such a cloud.

It is a relatively rare formation which has only just start to gain recognition thanks to the availability of digital cameras being able to capture and then share on the internet.

Cloud formations first started gaining wider attention around a decade ago, with the formation of the lighthearted Cloud Appreciation Society by Gavin Pretor-Pinney. >He asked for members of the society to submit photos of clouds, and soon started seeing a number of images of clouds with a roughened appearance that didn’t seem to fit into traditional cloud classifications.>The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is currently reviewing the International Cloud Atlas, to decide on whether it needs updating and whether any new cloud classifications are required. >A decision on whether asperitas is to gain its own classification is expected in the coming months. If this happens, then it would be the first new definition in over 50 years.>The Met Office always welcome weather information and photos so check out the Weather Observation Website.