Hundreds gather for mass Pokémon GO! hunt

Hundreds of Pokémon GO players, many in fancy dress, have gathered in Plymouth city centre to take part in a group hunt for the creatures.

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game (computer generated images on the real world when viewed on the phone's screen) which gets people to go out and catch virtual monsters using a person's location on their phone.

It launched in the UK this week but has already proved a hit.

Today's event was organised by the 'Pokémon GO! Plymouth Trainers group' which was set up to allow people to swap advice and tips on catching the digital critters.

There have been some safety warnings for people using the game in the West Country. Earlier this week, a group of teenagers had to be rescued from a cave in Wiltshire after going in "looking for Pokemon".

And there were reports that an adult shop in Plymouth had seen a huge increase in the amount of people passing through its doors - because youngsters were trying "to catch" rare characters.