Under the Skin: A special investigation

Under the Skin: Our special series looking at skin cancer

In part one, Kylie spoke to patients and the specialist team who are now warning getting burnt as a child can increase your risk of getting skin cancer by 80%.

In part two, we heard the heartbreaking story of a hugely successful michelin star chef in Bristol, Jonray Sanchez-Iglesias, who died of skin cancer last year.

His wife and brother are now raising awareness so no other family goes through what they've been through:

In our third piece we looked into to whether people really understand the implications of burning.

We took a special UV Scanner to Weston-super-Mare to show exactly what the sun can do. Kylie also spoke to one one young doctor, who knows all too well the dangers.

In part four, we looked at those who work outside on a daily basis, giving them no choice but to be in the sun. Ellie Barker had a look into the issues.

In our final part of the series, we heard a stark warning from doctors - getting sunburnt can have dire consequences.

Three hundred people died here in the South West last year from skin cancer - and doctors say more needs to be done to protect children from the affects of sunburn.

Kylie Pentelow investigated just how dangerous getting burnt as a child can be.