Just hanging: Meet the newest - and most adorable - member of Newquay Zoo

Just hanging: Meet the newest - and most adorable - member of Newquay Zoo Credit: Newquay Zoo

A West Country Zoo is celebrating the birth of an endangered lemur.

The baby male crowned lemur - named Lakobee - was born at the end of June, and is enjoying hanging out with mum and dad in Newquay Zoo's rainforest enclosure.

He's part of a species only found in the extreme north of the island of Madagascar where numbers are in rapid decline.

Visitors can catch a glimpse of Lakobe as he clings to his mum while she leaps around their enclosure.


  • A female lemur is pregnant for around four to five months - usually giving birth to between one and two babies.

  • Mothers nurse their babies until they are about four months old.

  • When born, a ring-tailed lemur baby weighs less than 100g.

  • The newborn is carried on its mother’s chest for 1-2 weeks and then is carried on her back.

  • A fully grown lemur can grow to about 45cm tall and weigh anything from 2kg to 3.5kg.

Lakobee hangs on to mum as she explores her enclosure Credit: Newquay Zoo

The biggest threat to Crowned lemurs survival in the wild is habitat loss due to 'slash-and-burn' agriculture, charcoal production, mining for sapphires and gold, and illegal logging. The species is also hunted for food, and captured for the local pet trade.

Lakobee will still clinging to mum for around 4 months Credit: Newquay Zoo