Outdoor workers warned to protect their skin

NHS England has begun a campaign to educate outdoor workers on the dangers of the sun Credit: ITV News

A retired builder who contracted skin cancer has warned people to heed skin care warnings this summer - as he backs an NHS campaign to tackle the UK's most common cancer.

Michael Mansfield spent his whole life working outdoors but it was only when he returned from holiday that his wife and daughter noticed a mole was getting bigger.

Luckily it was caught in time, but he's now been left with a twelve inch scar on his back as a permanent reminder to the hidden dangers of the sun.

The scar on Michael's back acts a vivid reminder Credit: ITV News

Michael describes himself as one of the "fortunate" ones, but wants his younger colleagues to understand that skin cancer could affect anyone.

NHS England is currently trying to educate people who regularly work outside so they are aware of the risks associated with not using sun cream.

However it seems this message may be a long way off, as we've been finding out: