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Pony gets life-saving sunglasses back thanks to public donations

Photo: Horseworld

This is Beatty, a disabled pony from Bristol who is once again enjoying life outdoors - after the public helped replace her stolen eye mask.

Beatty, who was rescued by HorseWorld in in 2004, has an eye condition which means that she has to wear a special mask to block UV rays and flies. Without this mask, she would eventually go blind.

Credit: Horseworld

On 17th July HorseWorld staff discovered Beatty’s mask had been stolen overnight meaning she could no longer go out in bright sunlight and had to spend her days in the barn while her friends were out running in the fields.

Credit: ITV News
Credit: ITV News

The mask had been donated by Guardian Mask, the only company who make them and was imported from the US to save Beatty’s sight. When the staff at the company heard what had happened, they immediately responded by sending her another one.

But several members of the public also responded by sending donations to buy her a new one. This means that Beatty can now have two masks so that while one is being washed or repaired, she can still go out wearing the other one!

We are very grateful to Guardian Mask and to the public who responded with donations. Many of our rescued horses have very specific problems that can be difficult to treat and need specialist equipment that can be difficult to obtain.

When we found it had been stolen, we were so disappointed but the generosity of our supporters in response to this restores your faith in humankind.

– Marcus Kearton, HorseWorld Groom
Credit: ITV News