Now, over the last month he's earned notoriety as the runaway who's evaded capture from rescue teams after gnawing through his enclosure at Dartmoor Zoo.

Despite the best efforts of the police helicopter - and staff at the zoo - Flaviu the Lynx remained at large for three weeks - until his recapture over the weekend.

His Great Escape has been closely followed on social media where he even has his own Twitter account.

The wild cat is looking a little wild to be back 'inside' Credit: Dartmoor Zoo

The two-year-old big cat seemed none too pleased to have his bid for freedom cut short. But staff have plans for young Flaviu - they have already eyed up a lady lynx to keep him company. That should cheer him up.

Our reporter John Andrews has been following Flaviu's story - we caught up with him and Dartmoor Zoo's Benjamin Mee - at the zoo tonight. But we could only see the star of social media via CCTV - they couldn't risk him attempting another disappearing act!

So a happy ending for the Dartmoor Lynx. You never know - someone might turn Flaviu's story into a film. It's not the first time the zoo has been the subject of a movie.

Matt Damon - who played Benjamin Mee - and his wife Luciana Barroso attending the premiere of 'We Bought A Zoo' Credit: PA