The tale of Beatrix Potter: author's favourite story celebrated in new play

The play tells the story of The Tailor of Gloucester - but brings a new twist to an old tale. Credit: ITV News

She would have been 150 years old - the author whose most famous book is forever linked with the West Country.

Beatrix Potter's life is now being celebrated by a theatre company in Cheltenham - the Everyman theatre is staging a play about her writing one of her most famous stories, the Tailor of Gloucester.

The Tailor of Gloucester was published in 1903 and was said to be the author's favourite of all her works.

Complete with talking cats - here's a look at what the show has to offer:

As the final rehearsals get underway for the opening night, the actors say it is incredible getting the chance to bring Potter's characters to life.

It's quite difficult physically, as you have to become a cat that actually walks up like a person as well as down like a cat...

Craig Rogers, 'Simkin The Cat'

But the show isn't just the story of the Tailor - it's also a tale about the tale itself.

Beatrix Potter wrote book while staying at nearby Painswick with friends. It was meant for very young children, but the director of this tribute piece wanted to make it a family show, with something for everyone.

So they added in the plot of Beatrix Potter writing the story in Gloucestershire.

The audience will also have the chance to get to know the story behind the tale. Credit: ITV News

Madeleine MacMahon plays the legendary author - so what does she think Miss Potter would make of her performance?

When she died Beatrix Potter famously left her lake district farms and land to the National Trust. But she left far more of a legacy with her characters, some of whom will be vividly brought to life at the Everyman Theatre later this week.

The Mayor of Gloucester takes to the stage Credit: ITV News