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Torbay Hospital leads the way in 'natural' c-sections

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A West Country hospital is leading the way in natural c-sections.

It's when the baby effectively 'delivers itself ' by wriggling their body out of the mother's womb. Doctors first make an incision into the womb and bring out the baby's head. It is then left to manoeuvre its shoulders out alone in a way that is similar to natural birth.

Torbay Hospital was one of the first in the region to carry out this procedure.

Credit: ITV News

It's believed to give the baby a less distressing entry into the world and assist with mother and child bonding.

It's not a new thing it's been around for around eight years, but it's not really picked up in the way that people hoped it would been popularised, so we're trying to do what we can and to make it standard practice.

– Robert hughes, consultant

It can take up to four minutes for the baby to be born during a natural caesarean, before it is placed on the mother's chest, which is thought to help the bonding process.

Melissa Simcox from Paignton had her daughter Freya by natural caesarean, at Torbay Hospital and was back home the same day.

The consultant offered it and said obviously it's one of the new things that they're doing at the moment, and the fact that it was a nicer way for her to be born out rather than being almost pulled out so we went with that one.

– Melissa Simcox
Credit: ITV News

From both a medical and a parent's perspective, the natural c-section movement may be a win-win. Hopefully giving the mother the experience she wanted, without compromising her care.

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