The West Country remembers the hot summer of '76

This summer, it feels as though we've spent more time reaching for our umbrellas than our sunglasses.

It was a very different story 40 years ago.

The summer of 1976 was - and remains - our longest recorded spell of hot weather. Here in the West Country, we went for 45 days without any rain at all.

You have been sharing your memories of the drought.

Remember the ladybirds? Hungry because there weren't any aphids to eat they started biting humans instead.

The water-starved ground in Somerset Credit: ITV News
The endless summer of 76 - there hasn't been anything like it since Credit: ITV News
People stripped off layers in the sun at any opportunity - not too many thoughts about skin cancer then Credit: ITV News
Too hot to do anything but sunbathe Credit: ITV News
The downpour that finally ended the drought Credit: ITV News