Bicycle theft victim invents own security device

Reconstruction of a bike theft. Credit: ITV News

Bike owners in Bristol have been warned to improve their security after police figures show four cycles are being stolen every day in the city.>It's what happened to Harrison Luff in Bristol. A £3,000 bike gone in seconds.

Undercover officers have been using security film to catch bike thieves. They have also staged fake thefts to show how reluctant passers by are to do anything to stop them.>The rate of thefts has actually gone down but it is a still a big problem in the city.

Credit: ITV News
Credit: Reconstruction

One shop in Bristol don't just repair bikes but sell second hand ones too. Sometimes thieves come in to sell stolen bikes on - without luck. And they say security is essential.

This cyclist was so annoyed that his wheels were getting stolen - he invented a lock to stop thieves.

Bristol is a biking capital - but it appears cyclists must do more to keep thieves at bay.