Tom Daley says green pool at Rio Olympics 'makes diving easier as we know which way is up'

Daniel Goodfellow and Tom Daley celebrate with their bronze medals Credit: Mike Egerton/PA

Tom Daley has said the Olympic diving pool being a mysterious shade of green helps them dive as they "know which way is up".

The 22-year-old Plymouth star, told ITV News he didn't know why the pool was green and joked that maybe "Shrek has been in the pool".

Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow’s took home a bronze medal for their dives on Monday.

The pool turned green yesterday, with many viewers pointing out the vastly different colours of the bright blue swimming pool and the green diving pool.

Credit: Felix KÀstle/DPA

Dan Goodfellow added that doctors had told them the water was safe.

The Olympic Games organisers said the pool would change back to being blue, blaming a drop in alkalinity levels for an uninviting green hue during competition on Tuesday.

Credit: Mike Egerton/PA