Harmonie-Rose finds a friend just like her

A toddler from Bath who lost all her limbs to meningitis has found a new friend just like her. Harmonie Rose Allen has been given a specially-adapted doll, complete with miniature prosthetic limbs.

The two and a half year old knows all about prosthetic limbs. Fitting Rebecca the doll with hers feels perfectly normal.

She was given Rebecca as a present as she was recovering from one of the many operations she will go through during her life. Her mum Freya Hall says she saw there was something special about her.

A tea party with a friend - Harmonie has to do everything for Rebecca and learns in the process Credit: ITV News

Rebecca was specially adapted by a company in America, and since her arrival, she and Harmonie have become the best of friends. They have a cup of tea together each morning.

This is the aim of Rebecca - to normalise Harmonie's disability and help her realise that although her situation is unusual, it's not unique.

Harmonie Rose has a growing collection of prosthetic legs. She's not particularly keen on them as she's found she can move more quickly by shuffling along.

Having a 'friend' who has to go through the same thing will help.

Harmonie Rose's collection of legs will grow as she grows - but she is adapting too Credit: ITV News