Piggy back time! Zoo's C-section gorilla hitches a ride

Bristol's C-section gorilla hitches a piggy back Credit: ITV West Country

A baby Gorilla who made headlines across the world after being born by emergency C-section could soon be reintroduced to the rest of her family at Bristol Zoo.

Six-month-old Afia has been hand reared since birth complications meant her mother couldn't bond with her.

She caught a ride on her keeper's back during a play session at the zoo.

Keepers say the little one is healthy, happy and they're very pleased with her development - she's already learned to knuckle walk.

Sarah Gedman, a keeper at Bristol Zoo, said they hope to introduce Afia back into the main gorilla group in the very near future.

Afia will be introduced to the rest of the gorilla troupe when she's ready.