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Friday fiesta fun: what's in store

The second day of the Balloon a fiesta got off to an unstable start after high winds saw the mass hot ascent was cancelled.

Families and eager spotters set their alarms for 4.30am in preparation to see the take off, which was due to have been held at 6am.

But, despite best efforts the strong winds were just too much, and the balloons were forced to tether instead.

Many were left disappointed, but most were understanding of the 'safety first' message:

Among some of the entertainment over the weekend, are the Black Panthers All Stars cheerleaders and dancers.

The Bristol based company are hoping to get the campers and picnic-goers on their feet.

One of the latest trends this year is the art of 'Digital Ballooning' - pilots are now steaming flights live on social media.

Using GoPros attached to their baskets the balloonists are recording time lapses and sharing in-flight photos with those on the ground.

Want to know what's going on today?

Here's a schedule of events:

  • 12:00-17:00 Arena Entertainment
  • 12:30 Balloon tethering
  • 18:00 Mass Hot Air Balloon Launch
  • 20:30 Fiesta closes

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