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Bristol marks anniversary of Srebrenica genocide

People across Bristol have been marking the 21st anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

In 1995, 8,000 people- mainly Muslim men and boys- were killed by Bosnian-Serb forces.

Potocari Memorial Center near Srebrenica Credit: PA

Events have been taking place across the country to mark the anniversary. In Bristol, representatives from the 'Remembering Srebrenica' organisation handed out flowers to shoppers in the Broadmead shopping centre.

Their message is that now, more so than ever, people need to unite against hatred.

The charity Tell MAMA say they've seen an 57 per cent increase in hate crime here in the UK since the EU referendum.

One Bosnian-born student who now lives in the West Country says we must learn from previous events and not let fear segregate us.

Dina Zelenika says the community he grew up in was constantly divided.

Dina Zelenika who was raised in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

In Bosnia-Herzegovina. there's something called a 'two schools under one roof' system which basically means, in a mixed area, one group of children go in in the morning and the other go in the afternoon and they don't mix. And I remember one day doing lots of drawings in class and we pinned them up and the next day we came back in and some of the drawings were torn down. And our teacher said to us oh the children who came in here the other time, they did this. And that was the first time I realised there was some sort of tension and there were other children that we were not mixing with."

– Dina Zelenika