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Bristol Mayor marks 100 days in office

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He was elected on pledges such as creating more housing, protecting those renting and improving transport in Bristol - and tomorrow marks 100 days since Marvin Rees became the city's second Mayor.

But what have his achievements been so far?

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Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn MP. Credit: ITV News

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn even made a special trip to congratulate him when he got the job, and Mr Rees' first act was to announce a new office bringing together different agencies in the city.

While that's still being organised, Mr Rees has set up a cross-party Cabinet, and announced reviews of two of his predecessors' (George Ferguson) most controversial policies, on residents' parking zones and 20 mile an hour speed limits.

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He also honoured a pledge to release figures for spending on some Green Capital events. But his campaign made other big promises - on homes, transport, health and social inclusion which will be far more difficult to achieve.

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That's an ambitious agenda at a time of further budget cuts and limited powers.

Mr Rees has been promoting Bristol in Europe and in the US, where last week he met the Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, who tweeted this picture of the two men discussing common problems in their very different cities.

He'll be speaking to ITV West Country in tonight's programme.