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Offices of Cornish charity's distribution partner wrecked by air strike

Just as the distribution of the last of 4,000 kits to Aleppo families had finished, the offices of ShelterBox distribution partner ReliefAid were wrecked by an air strike in Syria.

Cornwall based charity ShelterBox has provided 4,000 aid packages to families in Aleppo via in-country partners, New Zealand-based ReliefAid.

The kits they provide to families are a mix of life-saving essentials including water purification equipment, jerry cans, mats, solar lamps, tarpaulins, mosquito nets and kitchen sets.

Credit: ITV News

On the 9 August at 8am, just an hour before starting a new work day, the building next to our office get air strike. Thanks God the damage is in the infrastructure, and we move the equipment to a safe place and suspended the work to ensure the safety of the team members.

Actually we get used to air strikes, bombs and everything in our neighbourhoods, and all of the city. But now the situation is so different. Our work is the only reason to stay in Aleppo and take all the risk.

– Farid, aid-worker

The team have been distributing shelter kits in Aleppo for ShelterBox over the last six months – a total of 4,000 kits able to support over 24,000 people.

ShelterBox staff in Cornwall. Credit: ITV News