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Oops - stuck Jack Russell cut from drain pipe

A Jack Russell had to be cut free from an 8 inch drain pipe after she became stuck chasing a rabbit.

Fire crews took to the pipe with a steel cutter when they realised dog Lilly was stuck tight on a farm near Easton.

Credit: Wells Fire Station

Crews initially tried to dig out the four-year-old from the pipe, which was full of mud and silt.

But, the first crew from Wells called for "extra chimney rods and man power" when poor Lilly would not budge.

We could not get far enough into the pipe to dig out so we tried using chimney rods to shift the mud.

At this point we requested assistance from Glastonbury's rescue tender for the flex camera so we could see how Lilly was trapped.

– Wells Fire Station
Credit: Wells Fire Station

It was then the firefighters tried to "gently persuade" Lilly to come out by using a line with a bag attached to push her out.

When this also failed a steel-cutter was sent for, and firefighters cut away at the pipe, creating a big enough gap to pull her out.

Credit: Wells Fire Station

After attempts to pull Lilly out failed, Lilly was lightly sedated by a vet and the owner managed to persuade her to come out.

Lilly and owner both very relieved!

– Wells Fire Station
Credit: Wells Fire Station

WATCH the moment Lilly is freed from the pipe. Video courtesy Devon & Somerset Fire Service.