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The food of champions - just what does an athlete need?

Just one leap. One jump can determine if you're set for that Olympic medal - or does it?

The Olympics is where athletes find out if all their preparation has paid off - hours of physical training have got them there but every top athlete needs the right fuel.

And this is the food of champions.

As well as training as hard as you can, it's also a case of eating the right things. Getting the carbs, nutrients and vitamins your body needs to compete at the highest level.

You've got to maintain your weight. So if your weight fluctuates, so if I put on 5 kilos I'm carrying an extra 5 kilos to get over the bar, I'm going to have to be using different poles And likewise if I was lighter I probably wouldn't be as strong.

– Lucy Bryant, pole vaulter

And that's where Kate Percy comes in. The former long distance runner has advised many of our Rio-bound sports stars on how best to fuel their ventures, and how to maintain their performance both there and at home.

Bristol pole vaulter Lucy Bryan narrowly missed out on Rio after an injury mid-season meant she couldn't compete as she wanted.

Her housemate Jazmin Sawyers - who recently graduated Bristol university with a law degree - is there, and is set to compete in her long jump final on Thursday morning.

Jazmin is currently in Rio competing for Team GB Credit: Jazmin Sawyers/Instagram

And while they both have their own sports nutritionist at the University of Bath Kate helps them in their every day life - teaching them tasty meals that will still fuel them properly.

In the past five years nutrition has burst on to the scenes as crucial part of any training. From no advice to an abundance, athletes are learning more and more about the type of foods they need to increase their performances.

They're just so amazing. Jazmin and Lucy have just done so well since they put more thought into the food that they're eating.

– Kate Percy, sports nutritionist

So while Jazmin takes on the world's best in Rio, and Lucy continues to smash season's best with her vaults, it seems this colourful and tasty food serves more of a purpose than just looking pretty - it can help make sporting dreams a reality.